UK Will Not Support Kenya’s Deferral Bid

The U.K.’s High Commissioner to Kenya has announced that the UK will not support Kenya’s bid for a deferral of the impending application for summonses against six Kenyans. See story here.

That means that there are now two permanent members of the Security Council opposed to Kenya’s deferral bid. The other is the United States as noted in a previous posting.

Only China has indicated its willingness to consider supporting Kenya’s bid among the permanent members of the council. See prior posting.

South Africa currently a non-permanent member of the Council has indicated its support for Kenya. See here.

In the meantime, President Mwai Kibaki is going ahead with the lobbying campaign in favor of the deferral. In the last few days he  met with Kenya’s Ambassadors in several key Western capitals for a briefing. See story here,  and here.

What is increasingly becoming clear is that the deferral bid is part of President Kibaki’s succession plan to sideline his coalition partner Prime Minister Raila Odinga from assuming the reigns of the Presidency in the 2012 campaign and instead to have a coalition led by William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta (who are both on O’Campo’s summonses applications) and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka. See related story here and here.

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