AU Executive Council Approves Kenya’s Deferment Request

On Monday, 31st of January, 2011, the African Union’s, (AU’s), Executive Council voted with approval a resolution to support Kenya’s bid to support a deferral of the impending cases against six Kenyans at the ICC. See story here.  

This makes the Executive Council the second body to support Kenya’s deferral bid. The AU’s Peace and Security Commission approved a similar resolution as noted in a previous post.  

Similarly another regional organization, the Inter-Governmental Association on Development (IGAD), has expressed its support for Kenya’s bid. See previous post.    

The Executive Council of the AU is established under Article 10 of the Constitutive Act of the African Union (which you can find here) comprised of Foreign Affairs Ministers and makes decisions by a two-thirds majority of the Member States. This suggests that there is strong support of the resolution that is now being considered by the Summit of Heads of States and Governments.

Clearly though the Summit has a full agenda on its hands and Kenya’s bid for a deferral is likely to be discussed under other business as the Summit winds down today Monday January 31st, 2011. For the Summit’s Agenda, see here.

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