Recent Developments

Danish foreign affairs minister argues that justice can only be had through ICC process.
Denmark Cautions Kenya Against ICC Withdrawal

Kenya receives mixed response from African Union on effort to defer.
African Leaders Split on Bid to Defer Hague Trials, Daily Nation (27/1/11).

Internal Security Minister denies any Executive decision regarding deferral of suspects to ICC.
Lucianne Limo, Kenya Not Qutting Rome Statute, The Standard (25/1/11)

Human Rights Watch calls for African leaders to reject the move by some Kenyan officials to defer ICC cases against post-election violence suspects.
Kevin J. Kelly, Rights Watchdog Wants Africa to Reject Kenya’s Move Against ICC, The East African (25/1/11).

Discussion of the statutory implications of withdrawal from the ICC.
Kevin Jon Heller, Kenya Moves Closer to Withdrawing from the ICC, Opinio Juris (23/12/10).

Sorting the fact and fiction of Kenya’s and the ICC. Dapo Akande, Is Kenya Pushing for a Mass African Withdrawal from ICC?, EJIL:Talk!

Kenya’s move away from the ICC is not about colonization.
Charles C. Jalloh, Kenyan Parliament Endorses Ruto Motion Calling for Withdrawal from Rome Statute, International Criminal Law in Ferment (23/12/10)

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